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Join Shawn & Lynn for an intimate experience with Mama Shasta and all her magic. Located in Northeastern California, Mt. Shasta calls you to immerse yourself in her pristine air, water, forests, mountains and sacred vortexes/portals. This area holds high frequencies of pure bliss, heaven on Earth! Mama Shasta will reflect your innermost self, your soul’s longing and sense of belonging. Representing the root chakra of the Earth, she draws you home to the remembrance of your true essence.

Within this I AM presence, the illusion of separation will be unveiled as we journey to sacred vortexes/portals around Mama Shasta to experience the remembrance of Unity Consciousness. We will be divinely guided by beings of the highest frequency of love through the ley lines of crystalline light to access interdimensional portals connected all across the Earth to awaken, activate and embody so we can anchor this frequency for the New Earth. Throughout this journey we will enter the sacred temple of our hearts as one, connect with higher states of consciousness and bring in the wisdom and knowledge of our lifetimes to support the collective ascension.

We invite you to come prepared to be fully present in the moment as we connect to all that is and all that we are. We will assist in bridging the past, present and all futures into your reality with Love, Grace and the Guidance from the highest vibrational energies.

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