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Galactic Healing is connecting into higher states of consciousness from beyond the beyond to assist in quantum levels of healing throughout all your lifetimes, timelines and dimensions. These higher states of consciousness come from the 5th-24th dimensions who have lovingly come to support those who wish to call on them to awaken and heal in this great shift of humanity’s evolution. As Gaia is shifting into a higher frequency, so are we as we flow more into a state of evolution of our being on every level. This form of healing takes you into a space of your deep subconscious to work on your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies to release, cleanse, clear and heal so we can have more freedom to be all of our multidimensional self. They offer gifts of universal love, soul healing, knowledge and wisdom, connection to all of our monadic selves, our relationship with others and with Gaia. This experience will allow you to remember your soul essence, to feel empowered in your Sovereign Divine Presence, expanded in your multidimensional self and integrated in all aspects of your being.

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Guided visualizations will be provided after each session for continued support and integration. These sessions can be done in person or via Zoom. Connect with Shawn to book a session.


What can I do to prepare for a session?2022-07-13T13:08:19-04:00

Come prepared in comfortable clothing that will enable you to get onto a table. A blanket, pillow and or bolster will be provided for your extra comfort. Having a specific area that you would like addressed in your life is beneficial, but not required. If you are experiencing any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges it is helpful to address this before the session in our intake time.

Will I be touched during the session?2022-07-13T13:06:10-04:00

This is a hands on session where Shawn always asks permission before she touches the client. Common areas of hands on touch is the head, knees and feet along with any other part of the body that may need healing. The client is always respected and can certainly request that touch is not used at any given time.

What type of payments do you take?2022-07-13T15:12:28-04:00

You may pay with Paypal, Venmo, cash or check.

What can I expect after a galactic healing session?2022-07-13T12:57:40-04:00

One can expect to feel lighter, expanded and possibly a bit tired. Allow for time afterwards for you to truly sink into the deep transformational work, giving yourself space to rest or journal. It is vital to remember that you are your biggest healer, a Sovereign Divine Being. Your thought processes are key to your well being. Being aware of where you attach to certain patterns of thinking and allowing yourself to choose something different. Drinking more water than usual is recommended to help flush out toxins from the body. Maybe taking an epsom salt bath with your favorite essential oils to help ground yourself and continue to flush out any toxins.

Shawn is a genuinely gifted  healer and it was such a privilege to experience her work. I was in awe of her effortless connection to the powerful energies that work with her and through her, and yet Shawn delivers it all with such humility and grace. I know that something profound has taken place today; I feel changed and upgraded on every level. It has been a transformative experience.

I have been suffering from chronic migraine. After one session of Galactic Healing with Shawn, I have been feeling much better. The constant migraine is gone, my energy levels are higher, and I sleep much better. Having had such a fantastic experience I have been recommending Shawn’s services to my family and friends.



  • 60-75 Minute Session
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