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Ascended Masters are our guides in supporting us on our collective journey of self awareness to release the limitations of the human condition and evolve to higher states of consciousness returning to our Divine Essence. They chose to incarnate on the Earth to “walk in our shoes” with the purpose of working through the limitations of human experiences of suffering, illness and  pain to  transmute their karmic ties for the embodiment of self mastery. These beings radiate with the highest light and love to guide us gently on our own journey of self mastery. Whether you are just starting your awakening or well on your mastery, the Ascended Masters come to us with higher guidance to balance our human experience with our Divine self and own the Sovereignty that you are. Each one guides us to transform specific areas of our life to embody aspects such as love, joy and compassion. 


In this workshop we will explore:

  • Who are Ascended Masters
  • How they can guide us
  • Concepts of karma, reincarnation and ascension
  • Guided visualization to meet your Ascended Master

Investment: $33 Bring your yoga mat, cushion, journal/pen and curiosity!


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