Journey to Deep Soul Work

Shamanic healing has been around for thousands of years within indigenous cultures around the world. Embodying these healing practices by journeying through the Incan Medicine Wheel, studying with The Four Winds and receiving the Munay-Ki Rites, Shawn guides you in releasing what no longer serves you, embracing more love and living in your true nature. Shawn uses the Illumination Procedures as the foundation that releases the negative imprints in your luminous energy field (your blueprint for life) brought by various areas like genetics, illnesses and traumas. During an Illumination, we might work on various aspects such as release of soul contracts, soul retrieval, removal of dense energies, cord cutting, rewriting conception/gestation/birth stories, inner child integrations or meeting your guides. Session are completely different each time and led by Spirit for what one might need at that specific session. Through these various tools, one can experience greater wholeness, freedom and more connection to self.

Shawn also practices as a  Galactic Shaman connecting to the Earth, the Solar System and the galaxy as one to bring in higher realms of Consciousness, to anchor in deeper levels of activating, healing and transforming on our journey of awakening.

Shawn can graciously and lovingly assist your loved one pass over (before or after death) as well as a despacho ceremony (sacred offering) to help the family grieve their loss. As challenging as many find death to be, it can be a beautiful time of honoring one’s journey on this Earth. We are generally faced with our own fears of death when we lose a loved one and Shawn has such a gentle way of guiding others to a place of love and healing.

New home or business? Shawn can preform a cleansing/blessings by defining the energetic ley lines, portals and vortexes within the property/land.

Sacred offerings (despacho) are a part of creating “ayni” or balance with ourselves and the world around us. This ceremony is usually in small gatherings around seasonal equinoxes, solstices, new/full moon and whenever you simply feel the need to create balance. We create a sacred offering by using flowers, spices, candies, grains, beans, chocolate and whatever else we feel drawn to offer by blowing our prayers into each piece. In the end, this can be burned in a fire ceremony, buried or put in moving body of water. Contact Shawn for the next Despacho Ceremony.

One Session

  • 75-90 minute session