To Support you on your Journey

Guided meditations are such a powerful tool to help become more present and work through things when we need that extra support. It is my heart’s desire that these meditations reach on a soul level to assist you on your journey.

Connect with Shawn if you would like a custom guided meditation.

Bringing Back your Light
Empath/cord cutting release

Heart Healing Light
Owning your Divine Light

Healing & Balancing Feminine/Masculine Energies

Song of Rishi
Divine I AM Transmission

Lemurian Lullaby
Transmission of Remembrance

Healing Circle – Healing & Integrating your soul parts

Welcome to the Healing Circle where Shawn & Lynn introduce the Fulcrum of Light, high dimensional Source energy to aid in our ascension journey. We talk about what it feels like to be going through this transformational time and how the Fulcrum of Light can assist in healing all parts of ourself to integrate the wisdom and knowledge from our lifetimes.


Healing Circle – Gift of the Pearl

Welcome to the Healing Circle where Shawn & Lynn guides to the depths of ocean to play with the dolphin and whales to receive the gift of the pearl. This pearl will awaken your heart space, activate your remembrance and integrate all aspect of healing into your innermost being.