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We are all on a journey, whether you are just beginning to heal or in your mastery of Divine alchemy, Shawn lovingly guides you however best supports you. Let’s partner together to discover how you can become the highest version of you. Explore the various paths Shawn offers from one on one partnerships, healing sessions, Reiki Training to group gatherings and see what resonates with you. Not sure what you might need at this moment? Connect to schedule a free 20 minute consultation on how we can work together.

One on One Partnership

Looking for one on one support in your spiritual journey? Together we come up with a plan that best supports you based on your specific needs. Shawn offers guidance with various tools, guided visualizations, deep transformational work to help you remember all that lies within you. You are a Divine being living a human experience. It’s time to step into your Sovereignty and own the life you long to create.

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Healing Session

Using various modalities of Reiki, Shamanic healing practices and channeling higher states of consciousness, Shawn intuitively guides you to support you. Each session is completely different as she allows your highest self, our healing teams and Divine guidance for your soul’s highest good. Sessions include 60 minutes of connecting, spiritual guidance, oracle card reading, healing session and takeaways for self practice.

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Workshops are held online and in person throughout the year to support your spiritual path. Being a part of a group amplifies the energies as well as create a sense of community knowing we are not alone in this journey. Shawn offers a variety of subjects and modalities to help you clear, align and balance the best version of you.

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Reiki is a magical place to start your healing journey and empowers you to take healing into your own hands. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, this is a gentle introduction to subtle energies that assist healing on all levels. These techniques support your “life force energy” to flow in harmony so that you can live a healthy, vibrant life. Pick and choose available classes and dates at your leisure. Shawn facilitates all levels of Usui Reiki Holy Fire ® training.

Reiki Training

Are you looking for a journey of self discovery, self healing and mastering alchemy within? This 5 month mentorship program is designed to walk with you through the journey of self healing each and every step of the way. It’s more in depth than just taking a few classes here and there. Reiki mentorship provides a container of in depth exploration as Shawn guides you throughout the process. 

Reiki Mentorship

Mt. Shasta calls you to immerse yourself in her pristine air, water, forests, mountains and sacred vortexes/portals. This area holds high frequencies of pure bliss, heaven on Earth! Mama Shasta will reflect your innermost self, your soul’s longing and sense of belonging. Coming home to remembrance of your true essence. Representing the root chakra of the Earth, she welcomes you into her sacred womb of creation, connection and Divine Love.

Mt. Shasta Retreat