Embodied Gratitude & Love

I just returned from the most transformational week of my life walking the sacred land around Mt. Shasta, California. It has been 23 years since I went anywhere for over a week by myself. My intention was to completely follow my intuition and connect with a deeper remembrance of who I AM. The only preparations I had made in advance was my flight, accommodations and a rental car. After that, I had not done

Strengthening your Intuition

Last weekend I took myself on a 2 day self retreat to the mountains to connect and ground with the changing of the seasons. This time of the year calls me inward as the colors begin to fill the trees in celebration of their slow release to death. As I drew closer to my destination the sun was setting quickly and I knew I would not have cell phone service. Prepared for that, I

Summer Solstice

The official first day of summer as we have the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient civilizations built structures around the world to tap into the solstices as times of great wisdom and alignment. This was the mark to let them know when to plant and harvest crops. Whether we have a garden or not, we can still use this time to pause and evaluate our inner landscape and redirect

New Moon Solar Eclipse Completion

Do not underestimate the power of this New Moon Solar Eclipse! Today this beautiful offering comes to help us bring completion to what you have been working on over the past few weeks. For some, you might be experiencing a deep sense of loss or grief, increased anxiety or other physical ailments. Letting go of old ways of doing, thinking and being can be the most difficult thing we can do because it's

Align with the times

As emotional beings, we tend to move in an out of times of ups and downs. Wrestling with things in our lives that can take us to greater depths of healing, change and understanding. For me, it was difficult to understand why or when these times would show up more so than others until I realized there was a natural flow happening in the world around me. Over the past few years I

Celebrating Spring Equinox

Welcome in Spring!! We welcome in this time of perfect balance of day/night with the Spring Equinox. Taking a pause to reflect back on your winter; your hibernation, your rest and possibly your inner work. Acknowledging that now is the time we slowly wake up, coming out of our winter hibernation and begin to bloom. May this season find you releasing your winter so you may embody your new beginnings. I am sharing

What’s your Story?

Family stories...we all have them. A story that we have been told our whole life about ourselves or another person in our family. A secret perhaps we were told to never repeat. Over the past couple of weeks it was brought to my attention that a family story I had been told for over 35 years was in fact, not truth. To be fair, there was some truth that was mixed in with

Exploring our New Year

As we enter into this New Year, may we remember the roots we planted from 2020; the things we learned, the connections we made with our selves and one another and above all how we can take better care of ourselves and our loved ones. Usually with a New Year comes new promises we make to ourselves, goals, visions and expectations, but what if we enter into this year with a

Roots of Remembrance

My family and I have been in isolation for approximately 8 weeks now. It has been a powerful time of connection for me; connection to myself, my family, our greater community and to our Dear Pachamama (Mother Earth). After the first week or so I felt massive sighs of relief as if She is able to finally breathe again because we have slowed down.

My Journey

My journey has always been a spiritual one, a path that has taken me all around the world, literally and figuratively, only to bring me home to myself. I have come to see that our path will continue to invite us to a greater awakening along our journey. We all have a choice though. Some may choose this awakening with the simple desire for something "better" while others need the cosmic two by

Ascension 101

December 9 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm UTC+0

Ascension...what does it even mean? Come explore the concept of Spiritual Ascension as we delve into a multidimensional approach to awakening, physical/emotional/mental symptoms one experiences, why are we going through this at this specific time and how you can support yourself.

Winter Solstice

December 21 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm UTC+0

Winter Solstice has been celebrated among indigenous cultures for centuries because of its gateway of connecting to the rebirth of The Light.  This marks the shortest day of the year, yet also the day when the days will begin to grow longer again. This a perfect time for us to pause, reflect and let go of this past year so we may enter into an internal birthing of what is to come. Join us for this deep dive circle via Zoom to bring 2021 to a close, honor this year individually/collectively, and activate/upgrade our frequency. Then let's enter into a time of dreaming our new world into being! You will need to register beforehand by paying below so you can receive a handout before the event. 

Chakra Activation

January 2, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm UTC+0

After exploring the 7 chakra system we will do a deeper dive into the awakening of our upgraded 15 chakra system. This system is a bridge connecting us to our higher states of consciousness. We will explore each chakra, activate and learn how to work with them to upgrade our energy field. Ending with a Reiki infused guided visualization of each chakra you will walk away feeling greater connection to your higher self and unity consciousness.

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