Upside Down

It feels like everything has been turned upside down the last few weeks, really since Summer Solstice. It's like we are in this time warp where everything seems to speeding up yet also feeling like we are walking through mud as we are shifting major planetary energy. This can create quite a time warp of energy that can feel rather chaotic. Thankfully, I was able to get away to the beach for a few days. I took the opportunity

What is your Sacred Medicine?

Over the last month I've been presented with many opportunities that have brought deeper awareness, cleansing and healing on a cellular level. I call this sacred medicine because whatever we are experiencing in our life can be viewed in 2 different ways; what is happening to me or what is happening for me. We can feel like the world is out to get us everywhere we turn because nothing seems to be going our

Mother’s Day Reflections

While I'm not one to celebrate Hallmark holidays mostly to not buy into the consumerism, but also to honor what they represent throughout the year, not just a day I am told to honor it. Call it the rebel in me yet I have found that these days can offer a moment of reflection. Mother's Day is one of those days that mark one of the most tremendous gifts in my healing journey. For

Rebirthing our I AM

Today I woke with an awareness of my journey through my life and how I have celebrated this day marked as the resurrection of Jesus. Some of you may or may not  know this about me and how I was a missionary for ten years, yet I feel asked to share about my journey with Christ. I rarely share this because I no longer identify with the mainstream theology I was taught to believe and have not wanted

Winds of Change

I am just back from the snow mounds of Canada for the last of my hibernation season. Coming back to NC was challenging as I realized it's time to truly focus on what my soul is longing to co-create and shift into that timeline. I woke up to the glory of this magical tree in my backyard as she waited for me to come home so I could witness her unfolding of beauty. No more going

Radical Self Acceptance

For the past two years my journey has been seeking expansion past all of my human limitations. I know, quite the task, right?! It was through this revelation that there is so much more than this human I know as Shawn McStravick and the identity, personality and expression that I have been living that sent me on a quest of who I AM outside of all the limitations I placed on myself. Layers

Divine Rest

For the next few months we are moving into a space calling for Divine rest. If we look toward what the Earth cycles are in the Northern Hemisphere, we notice she is going into that space of allowing parts of herself to die in order to rebirth in the Spring. The winter beckons us to go inward to honor the dark space of what is ready to die within us so that we may plant

The Space in Between

I have been sitting in the space in between for a while now. The space of releasing old ways of doing things and creating the new way of being. There have been times when it is invigorating, exciting and living with such curiosity of what is unfolding before me. Then there are times of much frustration, severe discomfort because I cannot fathom what is to come. Questions of "what do I need to do

Who Am I?

Returning from a magical couple of days at the beach. Ah the beach....just feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the ocean breeze blowing through your hair and the sand as it enfolds around your feet. Maybe take a moment to breath in and out with the waves. The moment I arrived my guides began to tell me it was time to let go of a bracelet that I have worn for

Embodied Gratitude & Love

I just returned from the most transformational week of my life walking the sacred land around Mt. Shasta, California. It has been 23 years since I went anywhere for over a week by myself. My intention was to completely follow my intuition and connect with a deeper remembrance of who I AM. The only preparations I had made in advance was my flight, accommodations and a rental car. After that, I had not done

Starseed Remembrance

October 4 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Master Reiki Training

October 13 @ 10:00 pm - October 14 @ 10:00 pm

Reiki Level 1 Training

October 20 @ 6:00 pm - October 21 @ 6:00 pm

Constellation Healing Circle

October 29 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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