Just the other day I was sitting with a dear friend and she asked me to describe how I was experiencing the energies over the last few weeks and I wanted to share this visual and message with you all.
What I sense as a collective is that we have been standing on the edge of a chasm (a narrow, long and deep split in the Earth). We have had a choice point as we always do to choose between remaining where we are on one side, or taking the leap to jump to the other side.
The image in my mind is from the Dreamworks movie The Croods where the tectonic plates of the Earth were shifting and the family had to take a leap over a chasm in order to survive. They looked behind them as the Earth they once knew was being destroyed by volcanoes and earthquakes yet as they looked across to the chasm they saw the sun guiding the way. THIS! This is exactly what it feels like as we individually and collectively take these leaps over the chasm into a New Earth that is flourishing and thriving, into a higher dimensional way of being that is beyond our fears and doubts, we look back to see our old self/frequency/version disintegrating.
This can feel incredibly overwhelming for some as we feel we don’t have a choice BUT to jump, we are too scared because we don’t know what’s on the other side or we don’t want to leave others behind. Honestly, if you are in a human body at this moment, then you HAVE chosen to be here precisely at THIS moment to experience this massive shift Gaia and the human race is going through. Fear can be your greatest ally, if you allow it, to motivate you to move forward. To dig deeper into your fears, I highly recommend the book Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliot HERE.
Whether you are still on the one side struggling to figure out if you can/should jump to the other side or you are already on the other side, know that it is a choice and there is no wrong or right. You will know when it’s your time to leap because staying is suffocating, unbearable and depleting every aspect of your being.
No matter where you find yourself, can you hold yourself in a place of love and compassion? It is in the present moment that we can embrace whatever we are experiencing as it is to alchemize the pain. Whether you may be gripped by your deepest fears and doubts on one side or feeling stuck in mid air even though you’ve made the leap, know that both of these hold tremendous gifts as you are lovingly held by your healing time with golden light.
Even for those who have made the leap, you might still be turned towards loved ones wishing they would join you, afraid of what your life will look like if they don’t. My guides assure me that no matter where you are, we are entering into an era of deep soul connections to remember who we are. When old relationships fall away, you will be drawn to those who will meet the next phase in the journey of your soul.
How do we alchemize the energy to move forward? Sitting with what you are experience as something that you are simply experiencing. Feel it all as you invite all the emotions to move through you (kids are usually amazing at this because they haven’t learned yet how to “control” emotions). Notice where you might be feeling it in your body? Invite your guides for your highest good and light to hold and guide you. Envision golden beams of light shining directly over you and into your heart. Allow this light to guide you wherever you are ready to be.