Are you looking for a journey of self discovery, self healing and mastering alchemy within? People from all walks of life are drawn to the healing energy of Reiki. It doesn’t matter where you are in your healing journey, Reiki is a gentle non-invasive tool that helps bring balance, harmony in all areas of one’s life. By learning Reiki, you give yourself the tools to heal yourself and others. It’s not only a modality, but a mindset and a lifestyle that will guide you into a place of transformation. This is an investment in yourself first as you learn and implement the Reiki wisdom in your own life. Then, once integrated into your life you can use as a service to assist in the healing journey of others. Shawn provides on going support in offering monthly Reiki shares for those to continue their practice in giving/receiving and community with one another. Join us for just one or two or walk with us on the 5 month journey of intensive mentorship from Reiki 1-Masters & more (LEARN MORE ON THE REIKI MENTORSHIP PROGRAM HERE).

*In Reiki 1 you will experience:

  • The origin of Reiki
  • The Reiki Ideals
  • 7 Chakra system and how they relates to our health and well being
  • Guided 7 chakra mantra meditation
  • Holy Fire guided experience (meditation)
  • 3 Pillars of Reiki and how to implement them in your daily life
  • Byosen scanning: a technique for scanning the body using your hands to discover areas in the body in need of Reiki
  • Hand positions for self healing and healing for others (as well as time to practice on one another)
  • Attunements (Placements) for Level 1

*In Reiki 2 you will experience (Reiki 1 pre-requisite):

  • Reiki 2 symbols: their meaning, different ways to use them, how to draw and activate each one
  • Practice time with one another
  • Advanced 15 Chakras system, what they are and how they relate to expanding our multidimensional self
  • Guided 15 chakra meditation
  • Holy Fire guided experience (meditation)
  • Nutrition for energy (eating to support our chakras)
  • Endocrine system/Anatomy of Reiki
  • Creating sacred space
  • Attunements (Placements) for Level 11
  • How to give a complete session
  • How to do remote sessions (healing at a distance)

*In Advanced Reiki Training (ART) you will experience (Reiki 1&2 pre-requisite):

  • Review of all Reiki Symbols
  • Holy Fire guided experience (meditation)
  • Reiki Master symbol, what it is and how to use it
  • Advanced Attunement (Placement)
  • Holy Fire guided experience (advanced meditation)
  • Discussions around Spirit/Soul, Spirit guides, higher states of consciousness
  • How to use crystals for healing
  • Advanced practice sessions with one another

*In Masters Training you will experience (Reiki 1-ART pre-requisite):

  • Review of all Reiki symbols
  • Holy Fire symbol, understanding on its attributes and how to use it
  • Reiki practitioner & spiritual guidance
  • Guided exercises to connect to multidimensional self
  • Healing attachments
  • Pre-ignition and ignitions for Holy Fire (total of 3)
  • Holy Fire guided experience (advanced meditation)
  • Masters practice sessions with one another

**5 Month Reiki Mentorship:

  • Receive Reiki 1 – Master classes including all details listed above
  • Monthly Reiki shares with other Reiki students/practitioners in our community
  • Mentorship support through call/text/email
  • Weekly Reiki energy support sent remotely
  • 1 Year Subscription for Reiki News Magazine

Each level will be taught in 1.5 days (Friday night 6pm-9pm and Saturday 10am – 6pm). They will be taught in a very interactive way that engages the participant with conversation, meditations and hands on practice. Each participant will receive a handbook and ongoing teacher support through practice classes and follow-ups. Price for each level is listed below. If you wish to receive a one-on-one Reiki Training in person or via Zoom, please connect with Shawn as this can be arranged as well. Payment plan available per request. Dates below are subject to change. For upcoming 2024 dates, see below:

Reiki 1:
January 26-27
March 22-23
June 28-29
September 6-7

Reiki 2:
January 12-13
March 1-2
April 19-20
July 26-27
November 1-2

Advanced Reiki Training (ART):
May 3-4
July 12-13
September 20-21

June 7-8
August 9-10
November 15-16

The Usui-Holy Fire® training is Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Advanced Reiki Training (ART), Masters and Master Teacher Training.

Shawn is a certified Usui-Holy Fire® Master Teacher

When I signed up for Shawn’s reiki program, I had no idea the amount of expansion and awareness that could come through this incredible energy and all that it encompasses. She teaches it in a heart centered, multi dimensional way that is super digestible that makes it easy to begin experiencing these subtle energies in a very profound way. Each class is a stair step leading to the next, so it’s not all dumped on you at once and allows for adequate integration. She’s also not just a teacher talking at you, but like a mother that will walk right beside each person, joining you exactly where you are in your journey to make sure you are receiving and the highest understanding available for you specifically. Her classes are also highly respectful of the lineage while also bringing in her experiences which then opens it up where the infinite magic is truly felt and able to be individually discovered. Her ability to connect and channel light is so incredible and getting to witness and experience that in class is absolutely awe-inspiring and beautiful. Every class I’ve taken with her has been nothing short of profound, and I just want to say that HIGHLY recommend this incredible human in all the classes she offers. I’ve taken many of them and she is consistently creating and holding spaces that will absolutely change your life in a safe and powerful way. During her reiki training I was able to open up and experience my complete multidimensional self that only plant medicines had previously opened me up to. Shawn is a constant reminder that I need nothing outside of me to experience any of this, and has helped me unlock the knowing in her classes where she did placements that aligned and led me to being able to fully remember what I AM in a multi dimensional way. Thank you for all the work you have done and continue doing for this sweet Earth and sharing it exactly the way you are!

Tara Goodman Culp, Clarity Healing Farm

I have known and experienced Shawn’s healing modalities first hand; which were beyond expectations. She is a true “Healer” in every sense of the word and her connection with Spirit is felt in her energy work. Recently I took Shawn’s Reiki 1 and 2 training course. Full disclosure; as a healer myself, I never truly understood Reiki. Feeling the energy of Reiki from Shawn made me realize that I perhaps never experienced Reiki to its fullest possibilities. Experiencing the training with Shawn has brought my previous healing practices to a whole new level. I experienced this training through the eyes and anticipation of a beginner’s mind and was completely and utterly immersed. Shawn also taught and emphasizes on the integrity of this ancient and mystical healing energy. I feel that through Shawn’s loving guidance; I was able to fully absorb, integrate, appreciate and respect this healing energy. I now practice Reiki from a place of great love and gratitude.

I highly highly highly recommend training with Shawn McStravick! I studied courses I – Masters with her and experienced so much growth and opening. She’s amazing and so very connected. My personal practice and also offering for my energetically sensitive child is SO healing (& really powerful)! She requests it nightly at bedtime and I notice a huge difference in her.

Jessica Ferguson

Reiki Level 1

  • 1.5 Day Intensive

Reiki Level 2

  • 1.5 Day Intensive


  • 1.5 Day Intensive


  • 1.5 Day Intensive

5 Month Reiki Mentorship