It feels like everything has been turned upside down the last few weeks, really since Summer Solstice. It’s like we are in this time warp where everything seems to speeding up yet also feeling like we are walking through mud as we are shifting major planetary energy. This can create quite a time warp of energy that can feel rather chaotic. Thankfully, I was able to get away to the beach for a few days. I took the opportunity to sit in the sand with this crystal sphere and call in a transmissions of light to bless the waters of the Earth. I noticed a couple of things; the waves suddenly began to wash up to not just reach me, but envelope me as if it was trying to pull in the energy of the blessing and then I caught this image of the sphere refracting the light.

Refraction is really intriguing to me as it’s a perfect example of how light bends. Did you know this is actually how we see things, upside down? It’s true! Our eyes pick up on an image and the complex system of our brain processes it through the refraction (bending of light) and re-inverts it so we “see” it right side up. Wrap your head around that! I could go down so many rabbit holes here, but suffice to say that what we see is not always right sight up.

These two awareness were anchored in when I returned home to find that my AC was down. Of course my first reaction was not all rainbows and unicorns, yet the lessons reminded me to connect. Connect to the waters of the Earth and allow them to wash over me as I let go of fear. Connect to myself and not disassociate because it’s all just too much. Connect to the deeper collective healing that is transpiring. Connect to my perception of what I was experiencing as it felt rather upside down than what I wanted to experience. I am still sitting with the concept of how can I allow the light to bend and show me the truth of what I was seeing instead of how my brain perceives it.

What major changes are happening in your life, planned or unplanned? Is it possible to allow the light to bend so you see the sacred truths instead of your perceptions based on what you think you know to be true? Perhaps you can take a moment to connect to your heart, to an element of your choosing and ask for your higher self to open your eyes to the light beyond our perception. Maybe it would assist to write down all your fears of the situation (no matter how ridiculous they sound) and offer it to the elements by tearing it into small pieces and letting them go. I had to do this several times before my fears dissipated and I could move more from a place of my heart. It’s a process dear one, a journey of learning how to align and master the energies. Be gentle on yourself as you enter these changes.

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With love and gratitude,