One on One Partnership

On our spiritual journey it’s vital to know that we are not alone. Shawn provides a sacred container of guiding you back to yourself no matter where you are on the journey. In this one to one partnership, she intuitively designs each program based on what the client is looking for and how she can best support. This level of partnership is perfect for anyone looking to target a specific area in their life for transformation. This entails a loving commitment to doing your inner work daily, showing up for yourself as a priority as well as participating in group circles to amplify connection and healing.

Areas of support

  • Creating a morning/evening practice

  • Shifting your perspective in life

  • Meditation and Breath Work

  • Building your self-love practices

  • Inner Child work

  • Shadow work

  • Conscious Relationships

  • Working with energy

  • Owning your Divine Sovereignty

  • Cellular restoration

What’s included?

*One 60 minute in person healing session a month to clear, activate and integrate

*Three 30 minute Zoom calls a month (once a week)

*Practical takeaways to add to your daily practice

*Personalized program to support your journey

*Guided meditations to support your practice

*Text/email/phone support

Monthly Investment


I had my first session with Shawn after experiencing significant energy and spiritual imbalance. She provided a sacred space where I felt welcomed and heard and I came away from the session with a new sense of connection and peace. I immediately knew Shawn had a true gift and ability to connect to energies much higher than ourselves. Since then, Shawn has provided me with healing services through in-person and virtual sessions, virtual energy healing, personalized guided meditation, spiritual guidance/coaching, check-ins, and just being a welcoming presence that I know I can go to whenever I need to. I always refer to her as my “spiritual healer” with friends and family and still use her spiritual guidance in my daily practice. The wisdom that she shared with me is something I know I will keep for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for Shawn.


Connect with Shawn to see if this partnership resonates with you.