My family and I have been in isolation for approximately 8 weeks now. It has been a powerful time of connection for me; connection to myself, my family, our greater community and to our Dear Pachamama (Mother Earth). After the first week or so I felt massive sighs of relief as if She is able to finally breathe again because we have slowed down. There hasn’t been as much pollution being created due to our stillness; less factories, less cars, less planes and trains. This has all happened during Springtime for me in the Southern United States and my what pure privilege to sit and watch the leaves literally budding by the hour as it rains and then to see the sunlight bring forth the greenery all around. So much physical growth, but are we choosing growth in other area of our lives?

Just the other day I was transplanting some seedlings and realized that while the sprouts were amazing, the roots didn’t grow. I didn’t have enough soil in my mixture for the roots to grow. Lesson learned and many seeds lost. From this I received the message of how we are to plant ROOTS OF REMEMBRANCE from this COVID-19 pandemic, bury these roots (the lessons) deep into the soil of the Earth so that they will spread across all of our world for us to remember what She has been longing to impart to us. Lessons to change our ways of living, being and doing.

I don’t want to go back to “normal”. I want to embrace this new way of living where I stay connected to myself and my family. Where I am realizing what is the most important in my life. Where I observe and acknowledge what is truly essential, making daily choices to do what is best for me and my community. Where I can see and feel how the Earth is coming back to life and what my role is in preserving and communion with Her. I want to remember what is feels like to take rest and not keep myself busy for the sake of busyness to feel “important”.

I want to dream a new way of being where people are truly seeing and connecting with each other for who they are and how we can support one another. Where we take care of ourselves BEFORE we get sick. Where we only consume that which is needed (including food, material goods or whatever your daily consumption looks like). Where we find the best way to learn is to get outside and explore our curiosity. Where we are more dependent on community and sharing rather than the financial system of hierarchal divisions of rich and poor. Where we spend quality time with those we love daily. Where we put our hands into the Earth, commune with Her and grow an abundance of food. Where our children’s children will be born with this conscious reminder of these ROOTS and live in harmony with themselves, others and our Mother.

May we all take away from this experience a new way of living and being. Plant it deep into the soil from the longings of our soul and land..see what grows.