As we enter into this New Year, may we remember the roots we planted from 2020; the things we learned, the connections we made with our selves and one another and above all how we can take better care of ourselves and our loved ones. Usually with a New Year comes new promises we make to ourselves, goals, visions and expectations, but what if we enter into this year with a perspective of exploration? Exploring our curiosities and seeing where it leads. Exploring possibilities rather than probabilities. Exploring ways we can co-create our own reality and live our soul’s purpose. Exploring ways we can live more in community, finding our soul tribe and supporting one another. Exploring our emotional self, our inner landscape growing deeper in love with ourselves.

Exploring conjures a feeling of adventure, trusting in the unknown and being excited about whatever shows up…much like a child. It’s coming from a place of “what can I learn” instead of “what can I conquer”. It’s being playful with life, finding the beauty in all things and the stillness within the flight of our soul.  So as you set your New Year intentions consider the energy behind it, what fears might be presenting themselves and what possibilities lie ahead. What will you choose to explore this year?

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