Do not underestimate the power of this New Moon Solar Eclipse! Today this beautiful offering comes to help us bring completion to what you have been working on over the past few weeks. For some, you might be experiencing a deep sense of loss or grief, increased anxiety or other physical ailments. Letting go of old ways of doing, thinking and being can be the most difficult thing we can do because it’s all we have known. Walking into the unknown can be scary and uncomfortable. Anxiety comes when we resist what our soul is longing for. What if we were able to let go with curiosity of what’s to come? What if we knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that if we were able to truly let go, trust and allow that something so much better for us lies on the other side? Let’s turn the page on the book of our life and write a new chapter!

“Since the Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26, we have been walking a portal between the old and the new, between one state of consciousness and the next. This portal finally comes to an end on June 10, with the arrival of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. This New Moon Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning. Whatever path has been cleared for us by the Blood Moon, we can now begin to see where we are heading. No matter where we currently stand, this Solar New Moon Eclipse will ensure that we are headed in the right direction. It signals a time to embrace the new. Trust in whatever has been moving and shaking for you. Know that whatever needs to fall away will fall, and whatever needs to stay will stay. That is the nature and power of Eclipses.” Tanaaz from Forever Conscious

Solar Eclipse is simply when the moon moves directly between the Sun and the Earth casting a shadow on our planet. With this eclipse, we will see  a magical dance of the moon, Divine Feminine, and the Sun, Divine Masculine, as they create a spectacular display of a ring of fire. This ring represents both shadow and light that is in duality along with the twins of Gemini polarities. This is why we are feeling such duality at the moment, wrestling with old/new.

Today is the day to take care of you. Carve some time out and do something for you. Take a bath, go for a walk, be in nature, meditate….whatever that looks like for you to get grounded and allow yourself the time to grieve what you need to let go so that you can walk into your new chapter.

Here are a few things to assist you in releasing and creating for this New Moon:

  • What has been showing up for you over the past few weeks that you have been working on or resisting?
  • How can you let go of labels and stories you are telling yourself and look at it from a new perspective?
  • Am I leading from a place of love or fear? By focusing on what you are going through see if your body feels expanded or contracted when you feel/think about it.
  • How can I bring a balance between my own polarities of shadow and light in my life right now?

I have created this New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation for you to assist as you create the new chapter in your life. Click below to listen.

Listen Here