Rite of the Womb

What is the Rite of the Womb?

The Rite of the Womb is the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki Rites, a transmission received by Alberto Villoldo’s wife, Marcela Lobos in 2014. In this Rite, we honor the lunar year (13 moons), the waters of the Earth that flow and our monthly cycle. From early on we are usually taught that our womb is a place of suffering with our monthly cycle and giving birth, feeling like we are meant to carry nothing but pain in this space. As women we have become disconnected from our bodies, our cycle and our intuition. Learn how to connect with the Earth’s natural flow of waters (streams, rivers and oceans), the moon cycles and allow our bodies to flow with the natural process of release, cleanse and create can bring great healing to one’s life. With our monthly cycles we are constantly shedding what no longer serves so that we may embody what we long for. Learn to expand and contract with ease and trust when we know that our Great Mother looks after us. We turn from resisting to allowing, loving our bodies and all it’s magnificence as we embody the Divine nature within.

We connect with a lineage of women who have healed themselves from pain and suffering to bring healing to our womb where we can create and give birth to life. This sacred blessing will empower, heal and release old wounds as well as strengthen and support your creative energies.

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