The official first day of summer as we have the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient civilizations built structures around the world to tap into the solstices as times of great wisdom and alignment. This was the mark to let them know when to plant and harvest crops. Whether we have a garden or not, we can still use this time to pause and evaluate our inner landscape and redirect our lives in the areas needed. This is the time to celebrate all the hard work over the past 6 months, to see what’s been working for you and what hasn’t. To honor all the abundance, love and the beautiful light the sun has to offer as it pours into every aspect of your being. Relish in this light and allow the sun to fill you with its vitality and power throughout the summer months.

Consider reviewing these thoughts/questions to evaluate where you are during this season and assist in your growth:

  • You made it half way through this year! What are you most proud of? What has been the biggest challenge?
  • Connecting to the light of the Sun, what has you lit up right now in your life? What are you passionate about?
  • What abundances can you be thankful for?

Ways you can honor this Summer Solstice:

  • Check out what time the Summer Solstice will be happening for you in your part of the world (you can google it)
  • Anytime during that day, you can go outside and look up towards the Sun. Light a small candle in honor of all that you have in your life. Allow the fire to burn away all you want to release so that you may bring in your hopes and dreams.
  • Speak out loud your gratitudes for this season and feel it in every aspect of your being. Imagining the fire and the sun burn in your heart space. Igniting your soul’s longing for the next few months.
  • Leave your candle somewhere safe for it to burn for the rest of the day.

How will you enjoy the bountiful summer harvest in your life?

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