Family stories…we all have them. A story that we have been told our whole life about ourselves or another person in our family. A secret perhaps we were told to never repeat. Over the past couple of weeks it was brought to my attention that a family story I had been told for over 35 years was in fact, not truth. To be fair, there was some truth that was mixed in with one’s perception of their reality to fit what they wanted to believe was Truth. However, this shook me to the core. I had believed this story to be true for years about a loved one from a loved one. I began to wander if any of the “stories” I have been told about myself or others in my family where true at all. This lead me through some challenging days of digging deep into my stories. What do I believe about myself or others in my family to be true based on what others have told me? What do I believe about myself/others based on my perception of truth? What exactly is truth?

What I came to realize is that we all have our own perspective that give us the framework to how we see everything around us. That perspective determines our perception of how we relate to everything. The angle from which you look will determine how you interact, much like a kaleidoscope. Truth is colored by our perspective and the stories we believe about ourselves/others to be true. Many times, these “truths” are mere stories and assumptions we have bought into when really they are not the Truth of who we actually are. I knew the story I had believed was not the Truth about my loved one and why he chose the life he did. However, what did happen with me was the ability to shift my perspective to see how my loved one had told these stories to comfort themself because dealing with the reality was too painful for them to face. On a more personal level, my Truth is not based on what others have told me about myself or even what I believed about myself after the many traumas in my life. My Truth is based on remembering who I REALLY AM, without attaching to all the stories and roles I believed about myself. The freedom, peace and joy this brings is beyond words. To be able to live our authentic self based on the TRUTH of who we are allows us to have healthy relationships with ourself, others and our greater community. It gives us the space to be of service to others in a more grounded way to make a difference in our world.

This is the same process in which I created The Path Home ….to gently guide others into a safe space where we can explore the stories that keep us stuck in life, the merry go round of experiencing the same thing over and over and how to shift our perspective so we can see all the colors that are truly present. The Path Home is about coming back home to yourself when you think you don’t know who you are anymore. This six week course will take you through morning/evening practices to help you ground and connect, meditations and breath work, building your self-love practices and being that person you long to be. Join us starting March 25, 2021 for this transformational course. For more info, READ MORE