As emotional beings, we tend to move in an out of times of ups and downs. Wrestling with things in our lives that can take us to greater depths of healing, change and understanding. For me, it was difficult to understand why or when these times would show up more so than others until I realized there was a natural flow happening in the world around me. Over the past few years I began to follow the natural cycles of seasons, the moon cycles, the solstices and equinoxes to create better flow and balance in my life. These are natural pauses to remind us of powerful ways we can align with ourselves and the world around us. Whether you follow any of these cycles is irrelevant. One can always reflect and glean from the wisdom of the old ways of being.

At the moment, we are entering into a time of eclipse season. Today is a Super Blood Full Moon in a lunar eclipse that will set the stage for us in the next few months. Full moons are typically the time we review what is no longer working for us in our lives, to pause and ask ourselves what we need to release. This one is called the Blood moon because of the color the moon appears in a lunar eclipse as it is eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth, a rare event that last occurred January 2019. In alignment with a full lunar eclipse, we can delve deeper and look at what patterns in our life we have been clinging to, what stories we keep reliving in our life and relationships that keep us from moving forward. Eclipses help us see clearly things that have normally been hidden deep within even if we don’t understand it. It might not be until the Solar Eclipse June 11th that makes sense. They can create a momentum to push things along like endings or beginnings. We have the capacity to flow with these cycles to allow ourselves to open new chapters, directions and a higher evolution of our souls if we so choose. Trust that there is a bigger picture and that you are safe to allow yourself to experience the changes needed in your life right now. The Universe has your best intentions at heart and knows how to guide you to your soul’s mission and purpose in your life for your greatest evolution.

How do we allow these times to help us? Here are a few questions to meditate on to guide you in this powerful time of shifting your life: what have you been resisting in your life lately? What emotions have been showing up for you? Has any new information been given to you recently that is beckoning you to think outside the box? What beliefs are limiting you to becoming the highest version of you? May you meet and accept yourself exactly where you are and trust that the best is yet to come!

(Image credit: Imelda Joson/Edwin Aguirre)