I just returned from the most transformational week of my life walking the sacred land around Mt. Shasta, California. It has been 23 years since I went anywhere for over a week by myself. My intention was to completely follow my intuition and connect with a deeper remembrance of who I AM. The only preparations I had made in advance was my flight, accommodations and a rental car. After that, I had not done any research on where to go or what to do…I was told that everything that would happen, every person I met and every experience would be Divine. Each day was a sacred journey of this unfolding as I was guided exactly where to go by the people I met.

The first day I fell to my knees at the foot of Mt. Shasta in such awe of the sacred wisdom she holds. As tears of homecoming flowed, she drew me into her womb where it was warm (despite the freezing temperatures) and led me to the green crystalline healing caves within. I was surrounded by love and loads of children welcoming me home. Every day was like this in a different place….I visited a sacred healing water creek studied by Dr. Emoto, hiked to magical waterfalls & lakes, walked labyrinths and sat with ancient trees that felt like they were from another planet. Conversations with complete strangers felt like I had known them for lifetimes, deeply meaningful and authentic. Each day, each place and each person took me to a deeper remembrance of myself. This place reminded me of what it felt like to live in the higher dimensional realms and how we can embody this in the here and now despite what is going on around us.

Life was so simple there, no need to be anywhere at any specific time. Time stood still as I walked with the ancient trees, sat with the land, trekked through the snow and listened to healing waters. Everything was magical, even when my rental car got stuck on a massive rock in the middle of nowhere! Over the past few months I lost sight of this magic as we all do at some point. How was I to bring all this home with me and truly live it every day?

I was told that this pure love dimensional presence was not just in this place, but within me. That each of us hold our Divine I AM and Sovereign presence within. I was reminded that when we shift our perspective of living a life where we choose to trust things to unfold exactly how they are meant to instead of trying to control it… flow and magic happens. Despite our “busy” lifestyles, we do actually have a choice in how we move through our day and how we show up. Do we choose to embody our Sovereign selves as pure love and embody that from within or do we allow our external circumstances to determine how we show up? We can embody a 5th dimensional lifestyle in a 3rd dimensional reality as we hold the space of gratitude and love for all. Learning to radically embrace ourselves in pure love, we can then embrace all else as we are One. The book that has been transformationally guiding me in this is The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra, which was written in Mt. Shasta.

This is the call for all of us as we move forward to create the world we wish to live in. Over the next few months I will be offering in person and online groups to share more in depth what I have learned and how to support us in this journey. If any of this resonated with you and you feel a strong pull towards this type of inner work, I encourage you to reach out. I look forward to sharing and serving you all for the highest good of all!