For the past two years my journey has been seeking expansion past all of my human limitations. I know, quite the task, right?! It was through this revelation that there is so much more than this human I know as Shawn McStravick and the identity, personality and expression that I have been living that sent me on a quest of who I AM outside of all the limitations I placed on myself. Layers and layers of myself have been disintegrating over time with beautiful awareness of all the aspects that create this persona of me. Working through deep rooted beliefs of abandonment, insecurities, doubt, judgement which all led me back to one basic yet complex dominating emotion…fear. This fear separated me from the core of my true essence as well as Source…LOVE. In any expansion, there will be contractions. That’s the cycle of death and rebirth. We are deep in the process of allowing parts of ourself to lovingly fall to the Earth, to be mulched into rich soil that will be used in growing the most beautiful version of ourselves in the Spring.

Sounds so easy to simply become aware of what we are feeling and yet choose something else, yet we all know and experience it as the single most challenge in our existence. How can I hold myself, accepting all that I am experiencing in this human body and yet still experience love? This past month has brought up so many parts of myself that shocked me. After years of doing layers of inner child healing, retraining my neural pathways, healing my physical body expanding my awareness and mindfulness I still found myself returning to old patters of being. It was way too easy to judge myself and my experience. My guides specifically showed me ways to create space for myself this month to softly embrace all these aspects through radical self acceptance. Through 3 very specific intentional practices of self Reiki, yoga and breath work my guide, Rishi, has been assisting this process.

We don’t have to go down the rabbit hole trying to psycho analyze everything…that’s using our mind trying to fix the problem. What if there is no problem that needs fixing? What if we simply become aware of our experience and choose to radically love ourself?

Emotion is literally energy in motion. We try to analyze the energy of that emotion with our minds to change what we are experiencing because it doesn’t feel good. If energy is meant to flow, what would happen if we allowed that flow and actually felt it instead of engaging with our minds? The fear we may have is “if I really feel this it will completely overtake me and I wont be able to control it”. That’s just it! It’s not about controlling ourselves, but lovingly allowing ourselves to experience this gift of energy moving through us to take us to the depths of our innermost being. Emotions are portals to our  multidimensional self. The more we feel it, the more we connect. It moves through us much faster and opens us up to an awareness where we can choose from our heart space to love.

This is the message of the Rishi that came through one morning a vibration of soul wisdom. They asked me to call it the Song of Rishi as they are known for many gifts to humanity, one being the hearers of sound creating specific vibrations through mantras to release attachments and connect to the Oneness of all that is. May this song speak to you on a soul level to remind you who you are, embracing your humanity and Divinity. Listen HERE

Looking for a safe space to go deeper and allow yourself to flow? Connect with Shawn to hold sacred space for you to explore and assist you on your journey.