I have been sitting in the space in between for a while now. The space of releasing old ways of doing things and creating the new way of being. There have been times when it is invigorating, exciting and living with such curiosity of what is unfolding before me. Then there are times of much frustration, severe discomfort because I cannot fathom what is to come. Questions of “what do I need to do to move forward? How can I speed this up?” have been showing up for me during this time.

My son and I went on a river tubing trip to celebrate our way of life schooling as we venture into another “school year”.  The first hour was calming as we relaxed into our tube and allowed the river to carry us at its own pace. The water was cool and invigorating. The sun was overhead kissing our skin. The gentle flow of the current was calming and allowed us to just sink into the experience. Then there were moments where the water was too low and we had to get up and carry the tubes or we kept getting stuck on the rocks. The flow was somewhat stagnant and we had to paddle our way through. Clouds began to hover heavy above and sure enough it rained the last thirty minutes. We were tired, hungry and cold not to mention beyond frustrated at this point. Our guide told us he would meet us just beyond the bridge which would be about two hours. We didn’t have a watch or a phone to gauge how long we had been on the river yet we had to muster all the energy we could to just keep going knowing that this bridge had to be coming up soon.

I woke up this morning with the awareness that this experience is exactly what I have been going through the past couple of months on my spiritual path. I settle into a the comfort of knowing I am being carried in the flow of something I can’t exactly see where it’s taking me. Sometimes the flow is strong and I know I am moving forward. Others times I know I have to get up and walk through a challenging aspect of my transcending awareness of a shadow. Times where I question whether or not I am actually moving forward, yet if I look around I can see that I am slowly progressing despite how painfully slow it seems. Honestly, I just want to be done with it. To finally see the bridge and know that there is someone waiting on the other side to pick me up and take me home. Just when I am at my edge of hunger and frustration, the rain comes. A gentle reminder that all of this can be lovingly washed away as I surrender to flow of life. As uncomfortable as this space in between is, my guides continue to remind me that I am taken care of and going in the right direction. There will be times I need to get up and do the work yet for the most part, I am to remember to trust in the flow of where I am guided in the present moment.

I have heard so many of your stories over the past 2 months reverberating the same experiences. The collective is going through a major purge at the moment where we find ourselves in this space in between. We are not where we were, the old way of being is no longer working for us, many feeling uncomfortable not knowing who they are anymore, and not being able to see clearly what’s ahead. This is all part of being on a spiritual path and especially right now as we are collectively ascending to a new way of being. During this time, I find it helpful to stay in the present moment and be mindful of my thoughts. Observing what is going on within me as well as around me and my reactions to them. Self-awareness is key to our spiritual growth. Taking the time to listen to my body and what it needs (rest, exercise, food, meditation, nature….). My guides are the single most important tool on my path so connecting in with whoever your guides are just by calling on the ones of highest frequency for your highest best will bring them in. If you find you are in need of some extra support during this time, I would be honored to walk with you on this journey however serves you best. Here’s to trusting the flow and seeing the bridge is just ahead!