Returning from a magical couple of days at the beach. Ah the beach….just feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the ocean breeze blowing through your hair and the sand as it enfolds around your feet. Maybe take a moment to breath in and out with the waves. The moment I arrived my guides began to tell me it was time to let go of a bracelet that I have worn for the past three years signifying part of my healing journey. Immediately I began to tear up with the memories of the past three years, my medicine wheel journeys and my transformation. This is just a simple bracelet that was given to me by my mentor, yet has held such a deep place in my heart. My response to my guides, “but I really love who I was during that medicine wheel journey!” “Yes and it is time to love who you are right now. You will always be that person and yet you are moving into more aspects of yourself that you need to make room for. Honoring all aspects of yourself and letting go of who you think you are to step more into your Divine Essence.”

With much gratitude I went to the place where I spend many hours journaling, meditating and making offerings to once more offer this bracelet as a symbol of embracing and loving who I AM. On this journey we are constantly asked to step out of the versions of ourselves we think we are or ones that define us, holding ourselves in who we are at the present moment. Could I have kept my bracelet? Absolutely! This was just a symbolic gesture of what I am choosing to create in my life at the present moment. When we hold on tight to parts of ourselves, whether we like them or not, we keep ourselves locked into a fixed version without allowing the opportunity for expansion. We are so much more expansive than our minds can comprehend, yet it all depends on who we think we are. I am not referring to your job position, your marital status or all the other societal norms that we tend to define ourselves. I am speaking about the soul essence of who you came into be in this lifetime, who you have been in all your lifetimes and embodying the wisdom you hold within you. We are constantly re-creating ourselves as we shed versions that no longer serve us and move into the expanded versions.

Maybe taking a moment to ask yourself who you are without the roles you play. Who are you on a soul level? Longing to connect with yourself on a deeper level? Sometimes we are here to walk each other home to our remembrance. Book a session to connect and experience your Divine Essence through Reiki or Galactic Healing.